Know Yourself to Lead Others -
Personality Predicts Performance
Benelux Annual Event 2023

May 25, 2023 – Brussels

Why does personality matter?

The world is in a major transition – a phase and transition that involves significant changes taking place while we do not know where we are going or how we will get to the other side. The world is not as it was yesterday and many major challenges are coming together and affecting people and calling for us to redesign leadership.

Leadership must be developed, and leadership skills must be adapted. Leadership is about shaping the future, ensuring the right market analysis and maintaining an adequate pool of talent that can fulfil the organisation’s mission.

A growing global problem is mental health. All people deserve the best opportunity for mental health and safety regardless of work and employment, but we are far from it. The Corona pandemic pushed even more people into stress, anxiety and depression, and worldwide mental illnesses make up 25% of the total burden of disease.

Because the world is changing, and it requires us to create relevant adaptations where leaders have a special task and responsibility when it comes to taking the lead. The global transition requires more than ever before that we develop our self-understanding, which calls for increased self-awareness and healthy mental balance. The quality of today’s workforce is under pressure and effective leadership must involve a more psychological focus because we cannot be content with using previous understandings of people, the labour market and leadership – we must develop and put other skills to use.

Based on Hogan Assessments and Summit’s leadership approaches, leaders, teams and organisations can work with heightening self-insight that predicts future success on the job. We must be able to better understand ourselves to be able to lead others and we must continue to strengthen relational skills to bring a diversity of forces into play through recognised and accepted diversity, to fulfil the goals and missions we are on as well as to be able to face the future appropriately robust, safe and open.

Summit’s annual event is our yearly highlight where we bring together our clients, key contacts and partners to inspire new thinking, share knowledge and best practices, debate key trends, and network with peers and experts.

This year we will focus on how knowing yourself can enable you to lead others more effectively in a time of change where leadership skills must be developed and adapted.

Agenda topics include:

  • The Science of Personality: Why It Matters for Talent Development and Acquisition
  • Know Yourself to Effectively Lead Others
  • Interactive Group Discussions
    • Challenges
    • Opportunities
    • Solutions
  • Key Take-aways


8:30 – 13:30Agenda will be announced soon
 Keynote speaker: Dr. Robert Hogan, Founder, Hogan Assessments


dr. Robert Hogan


Hogan Assessments

Karsten Søderberg




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