Conversational Leadership

Flexible, concrete, and easily accessible leadership development.

A significant part of leadership involves the conversations you have as a leader, and much of your success depends on how well and effectively you can conduct these various conversations and adapt between them. It requires that, as a leader, you have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve, when you need to achieve it, which tools to use when, and most importantly, you have experience with the behavior and conversation techniques required to achieve your goals in these discussions.

At Summit, we offer efficient and focused leadership conversation training where you gain insights into both yourself and the tools necessary to develop and change your employees’ behavior. We concentrate on the most essential types of conversations but also offer leadership conversation training tailored to your specific needs (such as cross-functional discussions, assertive conversations, conflict resolution, and mediation, etc.).

How does it work?

Our Conversational Leadership workshop is tailored to address precisely the challenges you face in your daily leadership role.

The outcome of leadership conversations.

Intensive training on current, concrete challenges is the most effective way to become a better leader.

Conversations are one of the leader’s most crucial tools. It is in these conversations, with your employees and colleagues, that your leadership becomes effective. A conversation can build trust, engagement, and followership. However, conversations can also go awry.

Leadership conversations fit into a busy schedule.

With our short training sessions, you can enhance your skills in a way that:

1) Helps address a current challenge you’re facing.

1) Can be completed in just a few hours during your regular work hours.

As an alternative to larger courses and development programs, this is an extremely targeted and flexible offering. You can either join one of our open sessions or have a program tailored to your specific needs and challenges.

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Open workshops and programs

  • 3 hours of intensive training
  • 2-4 leaders
  • concrete coaching, and feedback on your leadership

Tailored program

  • 3 hours of intensive training
  • 2-4 leaders from your organization
  • Specific coaching, and feedback on your leadership
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