Helle Aaes

Certified M.Sc. in Psychology
Tel.: +45 51 41 62 20
Mail: haa@summitlead.com

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About Helle
Helle holds a Master of Arts (Education) in Educational Psychology and has finished a 3-year postgraduate course in narrative/systemic thinking and method, a 1-year postgraduate course in coaching as well as a 2-year postgraduate course in organisational psychology and is a certified psychologist. For many years, she has worked with developing people, teams and organisations in both private and public companies. Furthermore, Helle is specialised in family-owned businesses. In her many years of working with developing managers, teams and organisations in both private and public companies, Helle has developed and equipped many managers and teams to handle and get through changes stronger, with a continuous focus on performance and well-being. She has many years of extensive clinical experience which strengthens her ability to work with resistance so that it is translated into involvement, commitment and empowerment.
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