Karoline Bering Bindesbøll Jakobsen

MSc in Digital Design and Communication
Tel.: +45 31 53 86 92
Mail: kbj@summitlead.com

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About Karoline
Karoline works as a structured and detail-oriented Project Coordinator and is a part of our excellent Support Team at Summit. You will be in contact with her if your company is to start a larger or smaller project or in the day-to-day correspondence. Karoline previously worked in the media agency industry as a Project Manager, where she kept track of budgets, deadlines, strategies, and project plans for a bunch of different communication deliveries. She joined Summit in 2021. Karoline holds a master degree in Digital Design and Communication (Cand. IT) with a specialization in Social Media Usage and a bachelor degree in Media Studies with a specialization in Rhetoric.
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