Lars Paludan-Müller

M.Sc. Psychology
Tel.: +45 31727998

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About Lars
Lars has a master’s degree in psychology. from the University of Copenhagen, he also has 2 years of studies in social sciences behind him. He has a background as a director of customers and mental health in a capital fund-owned healthcare company with a focus on servicing a significant share of the Danish insurance and pension market within the health insurance area. Lars is curious about management – today’s understanding of management, and business perspectives and he has a great passion e.g. strategic health, and a healthy working life that strengthens cooperation, productivity, quality and service. He is passionate about management development with a focus on people, the market and business. He is concerned with topics such as the balance between operations and innovation, decisions, bounded rationality and managerial optimism. Lars has also solved several large tasks within the field of crisis psychology. In the past, he has been self-employed and covered thousands of teaching hours on a wide range of higher education courses, is the author of several chapters on work, organisational and management psychology. He is active in board work, for example in the Mental Health Foundation.
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