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There’s little sense in developing individuals if they don’t come together to make an effective team. Summit and Hogan’s unique approach to team development examines the goals of the team and identifies how the different personalities within the team can help or hinder achieving them.

The Hogan Team Report, now also available in Danish, is designed to help team members gain a holistic, personality-based understanding of team strengths, weaknesses, and culture, and to understand how members’ personalities and motivators may support or hinder team effectiveness in light of the team’s character, business, context, and goals.

Team Report

High-performing teams can achieve superior business results. Unfortunately, teams are susceptible to all manner of dysfunction – from infighting to apathy. Leaders must understand their teams’ mix of strengths, weaknesses, and culture as well as identify and correct for potential fracture lines.

To perform effectively, teams and their leaders must have a mix of skills, common motives and values, and self-awareness to face shared challenges. The Hogan Team Report helps teams understand how members’ personalities and motives may support or hinder team effectiveness in light of the team’s character, business, context, and goals.

Designed as a team effectiveness tool, the Hogan Team Report will identify your ideal composition and evaluate your current structure. This report allows leaders to see potential blind spots or derailers that inhibit their employees from being a highly effective team, and provides insights and recommendations in a blueprint of changes to implement that will enhance team performance.


The Team Report is available in Danish (NEW), English, Swedish, Finish, Norwegian, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.


  • Driven by the HPI, HDS, and MVPI assessments
  • Best practices: designed for 3-12 team members but can accommodate a maximum of 30
  • Candidate assessment time: 45 minutes
  • Individual or group feedback recommended
  • Facilitation by Hogan-certified practitioner
  • Facilitation support materials included
  • Customized, flexible, and modular facilitation model
  • Targeted to achieve business goals


The Hogan Team Report draws on personality assessment to help teams identify and understand three internal dynamics:

  • Team strengths and weaknesses: In order to maximize strengths, high performing teams should have a balance of people across five key psychological roles.
  • Potential Team Fracture Lines: In order to maintain harmony, teams have to recognize and mitigate the personality characteristics that can derail success.
  • Team Culture and Shared Values: Shared values and drivers are key in working toward a common goal, and are critical to the ongoing success of any team.


What is included:

  • Add debrief materials to facilitate team development conversations with detailed evaluations of team strengths, challenges, and values.
  • Get a simplified visual overview of how team members work together (and how they risk falling apart).
  • Dive deep into each team member’s unique personality scores to explore how they contribute to the group’s performance.


Craft your dream team:

  • Understand team roles based on personality and values
  • Pinpoint team derailers and barriers to success
  • Highlight team culture and the foundation for goal alignment
  • Explore individual scores and how they contribute to team roles


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