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We develop leaders and organisations

Our leadership development services use a combination of diagnostics, such as personality assessments and multi-rater/360 assessments, together with our consulting services to provoke self-reflection and help leaders, talents, teams, and organisations develop in order to reach their ambitions.

Our approach, rooted in business psychology, enables us to create the very concrete behavioural changes that form the basis of better results, greater well-being and a more sustainable working life.

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Management and Leadership Development

Our deep occupational psychology expertise enables us to get close to the individual manager and work with concrete behavioral changes that contribute to the creation of results in the organisation.

Team Development

Teams are an integral part of all organisations, but their overall success depends heavily on how effectively and coherently they operate and who leads them. We help teams achieve their full potential to create strong business results.

A lot of teams have to navigate complex organisations and do so with complicated tasks. The team’s tasks – and challenges – can vary over time, team members are replaced, and the team must also pay ongoing attention to their own team culture and form of cooperation. A high-functioning team is crucial to the results, and to the employees’ commitment and motivation to work together towards common goals.

Team development with Summit creates strong and effective management teams, where skills, strengths, values and division of responsibilities match the organisation’s strategy.

Organisational Development

Today, competition often places great demands on the organisation’s efficiency. All parameters come into play when streamlining. It is therefore also crucial to ensure consistency between what the management wants and what the organisation can do, in order to cope with increased competition.


Summit has several experienced coaches with an educational background in business psychology, and extensive experience in coaching managers and employees from both public and private companies.

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Talent Development

Today, talent and specialist development is often anchored in the organisation’s strategy and thus concentrates on the future qualifications and competencies that an organisation strategically needs.

Based on the individual manager’s talent and the organisation’s objectives, we ensure that selected talents and specialists are developed both professionally and personally by providing strategic self-awareness helping them better understand their personal strengths, values, and risks related to their professional roles. By this we enable genuine and lifelong professional development, giving talent a clear path toward organisational and personal success.

We have used Summit on several occasions and in various contexts. Every time, it has been a great success, especially for the participants in the different programs, but also for the company as a whole. One significant advantage is that Summit manages to stay grounded, meaning it doesn’t become overly theoretical. The theory that is presented is well connected with practical application, which has kept our employees alert, engaged, and motivated during the program. As a result, they have not fallen asleep during long, overly theoretical sessions, as we have experienced in other places”

Gregers Schmidt

Director, Bargroup
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