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Moving Leaders to Move Businesses

Good leadership is the single most important competitive advantage for businesses and organisations.

As a company, we help our clients develop leaders and talents. We offer the best personal assessment tools and tailormade leadership development programs in the hands of highly experienced business psychologists to achieve ‘Strategic Self Awareness’. Leaders and companies must acknowledge the importance of different personalities, leadership profiles and styles to achieve good leadership and reach the strategic ambitions of the organisation.

We are a leading distributor of Hogan Assessments. We ask tough questions, provoke self-reflection and help leaders, talents and organisations develop in order to reach their goals.

We move leaders to move businesses.

About Us

Summit is an independent Business Psychologist Consulting firm established in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, and Luxembourg. Founded in 2000 with a burning passion to develop people and organisations to perform better, we have attracted some of the finest and most experienced business psychologists and consultants in the industry.

We have always had a very strong collaboration with the distribution of Hogan Assessments in Scandinavia and Benelux and in 2020 we decided to team up and combine the consulting business with the distribution business of Hogan into a revitalised, new and stronger company under one shared name: Summit.

Our team of experienced business psychologists and established consultants provide their expertise and proficiency with everything from individual assessments and development sessions to organisational and corporate programs.

All our assignments and activities are based on a trusting relationship and alignment of the overall motivation and objectives to the business strategy. We are a team of highly experienced individuals with shared values and a pragmatic approach, securing personalised solutions that best fit your culture and ambitions.

This is our Mission
Better Performance Through Better People Decisions
We are dedicated to improving our client’s performance through better people decisions. By using the best assessment tools and consultants in leadership and talent development, we can improve recruiting and help predict and improve the performance of individuals, teams and organisations.
Hogan-based Leadership Development
We are a leading distributor of Hogan Assessments. We provide Hogan-based leadership and talent-development programs as well as Hogan certification and training. We help leaders and talents develop in order to reach their true potential.
Leveraging Strategic Self Awareness
Know thyself, the ancient Greeks said. Self-awareness is the key to behavioural change and better leadership. In our relationship-driven approach to consulting, we offer candid advice based on classical business psychology. We ask tough questions to help leaders help themselves and their organisations.
Scandinavian Roots
– International practice
Headquartered in Denmark with branch offices in 5 markets, our consulting practice is rooted in the Scandinavian leadership culture based on trust, cooperation and straight talk. As an authorised distributor of Hogan Assessments in Scandinavia and Benelux, we have access to the Hogan Distributor Global Network and the ability to serve global organisations.
Our values

Our values are the foundation for our focus on personality’s impact on organisational success

 Our values guide our day-to-day behaviour, the decisions we make and how we work together as a team and with our clients. Our company values are:


We combine our classical business psychology approach with the scientifically based Hogan Assessments tool

We create tailormade consulting with an attentive, personalised and engaged approach

We are constantly developing our team, our solutions and our services for top management and talents


We provide an attractive customer experience with high quality and professionalism

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Our Team

Meet our team of psychologists, HR consultants, executive coaches and business profiles with a wide range of capabilities and solid expertise to support you at every stage in your business lifecycle.

Resellers and Partners

We are delighted to partner up with some exceptional resellers, organisations and individuals to ensure our clients get the best experience and service.


Interested in becoming part of a strong professional business psychology consultancy? We offer the opportunity to work with some of the industry’s most talented people in an inspiring and fun working environment.

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