Katja M. Friederichs

PhD in Personality Psychology, Executive Coach
Tel.: +45 28 19 60 04
Mail: kfr@summitlead.com

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About Katja
Katja is a seasoned personality psychologist and trained executive coach. She is passionate about empowering leaders to unlock their full potential. With the deep-rooted understanding that true growth and transformation starts from within, Katja’s work is centered on empowering leaders to cultivate emotional intelligence, strategic self-awareness and authenticity. With an empathetic approach that embraces all aspects of an individual’s personality, she creates a safe space for authentic and sustainable growth processes that enable leaders to inspire with emotional courage, drive meaningful change, and achieve tangible impact. Katja holds a PhD in Personality Psychology from the University of Trier, Germany. Guided by her commitment to bridging science and application, she seamlessly integrates cutting-edge research into her coaching and development strategies. Drawing from her German American background, she has cultivated deep experience working with leaders in both Germany and the US. She is an expert in diverse personality and leadership assessments, including the Hogan.
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