Martinne Heckscher

Certified Contract Manager
Tel.: +45 31 32 43 30

What is my focus?

About Martinne
Martinne is an experienced commercial and contract manager with hands-on A-Z operational expertise. She aims to work with our clients to meet their contracting needs before entering a business relationship with Summit. Martinne wants to take the complexity out of contracting through dialogue, understanding the client’s initial concerns and meeting this with prudent flexibility. The next step is ongoing customer care and delivering a mutually beneficial performance. The contract is the start of our journey together, and by developing solid contract management processes, we will build a customer care environment full of meaningful customer touchpoints. Better support, compliance, data protection and continued improvements to our operations, services, and products. Once we have the contract out of the way, our consultants can start providing the worldclass customer insights on how to optimise teams and leadership.
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