Sofie Seier Helms

Certified M.Sc. in Psychology
Tel.: +45 27 11 57 09

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About Sofie
Sofie holds an MSc in Psychology from the University of Copenhagen and is certified by The Danish Supervisory Board of Psychological Practice. She has leadership experience as head of department with personnel and operational responsibility, experience as a supervisor of psychologists, among others, in connection with certification as well as substantial supplementary education in organisational psychology. Among many other things, she is interested in the conscious and unconscious dynamics that occur between people in organisations, and she works determinedly to help leaders and teams increase their awareness of these in order to promote higher well-being, quality and efficiency in organisations. With a passion for clear communication, conflict management and personal leadership development, Sofie helps leaders and organisations develop strong interpersonal skills, navigate complex conflict situations and strengthen the personal leadership.
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