Torben Dalager

Certified M.Sc. in Psychology
Tel.: +45 51 25 56 45

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About Torben
Torben holds an M.Sc. in Psychology from University of Copenhagen and is a certified psychologist. He has worked as a consultant for more than 20 years, both nationally and internationally, primarily for private companies. For a number of years, Torben has run his own business, and furthermore, he has been affiliated with a number of various consultancies. In addition to this, Torben has management experience at CEO level, both nationally and internationally. Torben has many years of experience with strategic leadership development in large, medium-sized and small companies, including development of leadership strategy, leadership development programmes that support the business strategy, training and development of leaders and their competences, use of personality tests and 360 degree analyses to document and support the leaders’ development as well as coaching of leaders with individual needs.
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