Unleashing Potential: The Power of an Assessment and Development Centre

In today’s competitive business landscape, selecting the right talent and nurturing their potential is crucial for the success of any organisation. To ensure an objective and comprehensive assessment of candidates, our Assessment and Development Centre combines Hogan’s assessments with a wide range of exercises tailored to match the required competencies. Here we highlight the key features and benefits of our Centre, as discussed in an interview with our expert consultants.

A Holistic Approach to Assessment

Our Assessment centre design focuses on providing a holistic view of candidates by evaluating their performance and potential. By utilizing a combination of assessment methods such as Hogan’s personality assessment, cognitive assessments, interviews, and exercises like inbox and business case analysis, we gather multiple sources of evidence. This comprehensive approach allows us to assess candidates objectively, considering their approach, likely performance, and personality insights from Hogan’s assessments.

Reducing Bias and Ensuring Fairness

One significant advantage of our Assessment and Development Centre is its ability to decrease biases that might influence decision-making. By involving our consultants, we introduce an extra layer of objectivity and diverse perspectives. External consultants, with their experience and exposure to talent across various companies, provide valuable benchmarking insights. Moreover, the use of multiple assessment methods and external perspectives helps mitigate biases that could arise from internal assessments alone.

Tailored Competency Assessment

Our Assessment and Development Centre offers a flexible approach to assessment and development, tailored to the specific needs of each company and role. Before the assessment takes place, we collaborate with the client to define the relevant competencies. We then validate and qualify these competencies, ensuring alignment with the role’s requirements and considering the individual’s potential for growth. This targeted approach helps create a focused assessment process that yields accurate results.

Development-Oriented Approach

Our Assessment and Development Centre goes beyond selection; it also emphasizes personal and professional growth. Regardless of the assessment outcome, we provide valuable input for a development plan. Through discussions with HR and hiring managers, we share our findings and recommendations, enabling the organisation to anchor the learnings internally. For the assessee, we offer a debrief session that highlights key strengths and one or two key development areas. This approach ensures a positive and actionable outcome that motivates individuals to embark on their development journey.

Enhancing Employee Experience and Sustainability

Choosing our Assessment and Development Centre demonstrates a commitment to becoming a top employer. In today’s job market, candidates carefully evaluate companies that invest in their growth and well-being. Our Centre, with its emphasis on fair assessment, development, and integration, reflects a genuine concern for employees’ success and fulfilment. By offering coaching sessions and support during the onboarding process, we prioritize sustainability and corporate social responsibility, creating a positive employee experience from the start.

Selecting the right talent and nurturing their potential is a critical aspect of building a successful organisation. Our Assessment and Development Centre provides a comprehensive and objective assessment approach that combines Hogan’s assessments with tailored exercises. By reducing biases, customizing assessments, and emphasizing development, we help organisations make informed decisions and create a positive employee experience. Choosing our Centre demonstrates a commitment to finding the right profile and investing in the long-term success of both the company and its employees.

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