HR Pulse

Dive into the heart of Human Resources with HR Pulse, an exclusive webinar series designed for HR professionals.

Each session is a focused exploration of key HR topics: from groundbreaking approaches in personality assessments and AI in recruiting to mastering team development and understanding the complexities of workplace personalities.

  • Participants will have the opportunity to:
  • Explore the importance of personality
  • Understand the difference between identity and reputation
  • Learn the insights of Hogan Assessments
  • Discover assessment applications and report types
  • Get professional sparring


Who is it for? Hogan Basic Understanding is for HR professionals, leaders and others who seek to gain basic understanding of Hogan Assessments.

HR Pulse - AI Impact on HR

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This Webinar dives into the complexity of AI´s impact one HR. More specifically it highlights the Key HR domains impacted by AI and presents the top considerations when using AI in HR

HR pulse - Why Leadership Development is Broken – and how to fix it

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This episode of HR Pulse is centered around Why Leadership Development is Broken – and how we fix it.

HR pulse - Unleash the Power of Motivation and Drive

For this edition of HR Pulse we have the pleasure of interviewing Warren Kennaugh. Warren has done more than 3.000 Hogan Feedbacks and is a part of the Global Hogan Coaching Network. In 2016 he published the book “Fit – When talent and intelligence just won’t cut it”.

Upcoming: HR pulse - Leader Effectiveness vs Emergence

This episode of HR Pulse is centered around Leader Effectiveness vs Emergence.

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