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Coaching the Colorful scale
The dark sides of personality is measured in the Hogan Development Survey. The dark side of personality Colorful

The Hogan Colorful scale is one of the eleven scales in the Hogan Development Survey (HDS). This scale measures the extent to which individuals are dramatic, attention-seeking, and enthusiastic.

Positively, individuals with high scores on the Colorful scale often excel in roles that demand a flair for public speaking, salesmanship, or networking. Their inherent ability to be engaging, persuasive, and lively makes them adept at capturing an audience’s attention.

The Colorful scale also presents potential drawbacks, notably in the form of a constant need for attention. The exuberance and enthusiasm that makes them magnetic can sometimes overshadow their colleagues and this constant need for attention can sometimes come off as insincere or manipulative.

Striking the right balance becomes crucial to ensure a collaborative and harmonious work environment. Individuals high on the Colorful scale need to navigate their vibrant energy with sensitivity, fostering collaboration rather than dominating the spotlight.

If you or someone you’re coaching has been identified as having a derailer in the form of Colorful, several strategies can be used to overcome this tendency and become a more effective leader:

First – Listen more, talk less

In your zest for communication, active listening becomes a potent tool. Practice attentive listening by maintaining eye contact, allowing others to express themselves without interruptions. Consider paraphrasing to confirm understanding. This approach fosters a sense of being seen and heard, enhancing overall communication dynamics.

Second – Express temper and emotion productively

While your enthusiasm is contagious, balance is key. Focus on the substance of your contributions, not just the style. Be mindful of the impact your emotions may have on others. Consider dialing back the intensity when necessary and observe how your emotional expressions influence those around you. This awareness can lead to more productive and harmonious collaborations.

Third – Reverse the tendency to over-promise, and under-deliver.

Channel your energy into paying attention to details and objectively estimating the time and effort required for tasks. By embracing a more realistic approach to planning and delivery, you can build trust and reliability. This involves a conscious effort to assess tasks thoroughly and make commitments based on a clear understanding of your capabilities and available resources.

Fourth – Partner up with someone

Collaboration is a powerful tool for growth. Consider partnering with someone who excels in paying attention to details, timelines, and performance metrics. This collaboration can provide valuable insights and help establish new practices. Learning through observation and replication of effective behaviours will contribute to your continued personal and professional development.


In the pursuit of coaching behavioural change for individuals with high Colorful scale scores, these four steps offer a holistic approach. From active listening to managing emotions, realistic planning, and collaborative partnerships, the process cultivates a more balanced and effective expression of vibrant personalities, fostering growth and more meaningful, authentic interactions.


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