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Coaching the Diligent scale
The dark sides of personality is measured in the Hogan Development Survey. The dark side of personality diligent

The Hogan Diligent scale is one of the eleven scales in the Hogan Development Survey (HDS), measuring the dark side of personality. The Diligent scale measures an individual’s inclination towards meticulousness, hard work, and difficulty in delegating tasks. It examines how well people prioritise tasks and whether they tend to micro-manage.

Those scoring high on this scale exhibit a remarkable commitment to hard work and a persistent drive to ensure tasks are completed with precision. Their dedication often manifests as a proactive approach, tackling every aspect of a project themselves to uphold exceptionally high standards.

Individuals with a high Diligent scale score become exemplary role models for diligence and thoroughness. Their ability to handle diverse responsibilities showcases a commitment to excellence, earning them respect among peers and superiors. These individuals often become invaluable assets, particularly in roles where attention to detail is paramount.

However, the Diligent scale comes with its set of challenges. High scorers may find it difficult to delegate tasks, as they fear standards may be compromised. This inclination towards control can lead to micromanagement tendencies, potentially stifling team autonomy. The meticulousness that defines their work may transform into a critical eye, with a tendency to insist on doing things “my way.”

Navigating the complexities of the Diligent scale requires a nuanced understanding. While it contributes positively to maintaining high standards and setting an example for others, individuals must be mindful of potential pitfalls, such as micromanagement and an overbearing approach.

To improve their skills and develop better relationships with others, individuals with high scores on the Diligent scale can take the following steps:

First – Try new ways of doing things.

Challenge the tendency to stick rigidly to familiar methods. Actively seek and welcome alternative approaches by encouraging input from your colleagues. Cultivate an open mindset towards new ideas. Experiment with different strategies to discover innovative solutions that may improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Second – Delegation Skills

Hone your delegation skills by setting clear goals and timelines for tasks. Communicate expectations clearly to team members and trust in their capabilities to deliver. Practice regular follow-ups to ensure progress while offering support and guidance. Building trust in your team’s abilities will enable a more balanced distribution of tasks and foster a collaborative work culture.

Third – Task Management

Develop a systematic approach to evaluate priorities and key tasks. Learn to differentiate between critical and less important activities. Embrace the concept of “good enough” for tasks of lesser importance, recognising that perfection may not always be necessary. This approach contributes to a more realistic workload and promotes improved work-life balance.

Fourth – Team Dynamics

Exercise caution to avoid alienating team members through excessive criticism or setting unattainable standards. Acknowledge the potential negative impact of perfectionism on team engagement. Shift your focus towards recognising positive contributions from team members and express gratitude verbally. Highlighting what works well fosters a more positive team environment and encourages collaborative efforts.


High scorers on the Diligent scale often aim to please bosses and superiors through high-quality work, which is frequently rewarded. However, their approach can also alienate and disempower staff, causing stress for those around them. Understanding your position on the Diligent scale can provide valuable insights into your work ethic, management style, and how you are perceived by both superiors and subordinates. This awareness can be instrumental in personal development and in creating a more harmonious work environment.

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