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Coaching the Reserved scale
The dark sides of personality is measured in the Hogan Development Survey. The dark side of personality reserved

The Hogan Reserved scale is one of the eleven scales in the Hogan Development Survey (HDS), which is a measure of the dark side of personality.

The Reserved Scale assesses an individual’s tendency to be remote, reserved, and treat others as objects rather than people. Individuals with high scores on this scale are often tough, handle pressure well, and can remain calm when others are emotional or anxious.

At their best, individuals with a high score on the Reserved Scale can use their ability to remain steady and composed to be effective leaders in high-stress situations. Furthermore, they can use their toughness to handle negative feedback and emotional outbursts without becoming flustered.  However, their tendency to be remote and ignore the concerns of others can lead to interpersonal difficulties and a lack of social sensitivity.

The underlying schema for individuals with high scores on the Reserved Scale is that social interactions are unpleasant and not worth the effort. They may have experienced inadequate nurture and have become self-sufficient, which has prevented the development of their capacity to notice and respond to the needs and feelings of others. As a result, they may be socially clumsy, blunt, and lack awareness of the impact they have on others.

To improve their communication skills and develop better relationships with others, individuals with high scores on the Reserved scale can take the following steps:

First – Ensure others got the message you intended

Being reserved means being quick to “tune out” on others and withdraw from social situations. Try to stay engaged and check to see that others get the message you intend. Think about your communication, both verbal and bodily communication matters.

Second – Make yourself seen and heard

Be more active in meetings you choose to participate in, try to be more visible, especially in stressful situations, and think about what you say and the impact it has on the group.

Third – Find out about others and what makes them “tick”

Reserved people can be interpreted as insensitive or remote, which could impact their ability to win others over, persuade or motivate them. Spend some time talking to the people on your team, showing genuine interest in their activities, careers, or interests. Try to build good connections as one more way to succeed in business.


By taking these steps, individuals with high scores on the Reserved Scale can develop their social sensitivity, become more effective communicators, and build better relationships with others. Additionally, they can continue to leverage their strengths, such as their ability to handle pressure and remain composed during difficult situations.


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