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We are the most business-driven psychologists and the most empathetic management consultants

Our team is anchored on a solid theoretical foundation combined with a deep real-life experience of working with global talent. The team of psychologists, HR consultants, executive coaches and business profiles have a wide range of capabilities and solid expertise to deliver human capital services to support you at every stage in your business lifecycle. We are unpretentious and direct because we take responsibility for ensuring that you get results that you can use.

To us quality, reliability and responsibility are key

By applying a collaborative approach, we partner with our clients to improve leadership strategic self-awareness and to obtain concrete behavioural changes for the benefit of both the individual and the organisation. When we work on strategy, we focus on making the process leadership-driven and ensuring anchoring in the organisation. When we work on leadership development, the starting point is the organisation’s specific needs and the idea that management must be able to deliver when it comes to the strategy. To us quality, reliability and responsibility are key – this is true for our services and our people. Learn more about each of our team members below

The Summit Team

Karsten Søderberg
Pernille Mønster
Director / Administration & Support
Charlotte Søderberg
Director / Hogan Assessment
Jesper Lillelund
Regional Director - Benelux
Hanne Hedegaard
Head of Finance & HR
Tina Heebøll Arbjørn
Marketing Manager
Susanne Lima
Torben Dalager
Adam Blicher
Senior Consultant
Frederik Poulsen
Senior Consultant
Jesper Bedinger
Senior Consultant
Kaja Søndergaard
Senior Consultant
Katja M. Friederichs
Senior Consultant
Mads Bendixen
Senior Consultant
Marie Festersen Morthorst
Senior Consultant
Søren Blem Bach
Senior Consultant
Tine Flint Sigaard
Senior Consultant
Benjamin Dornfeldt
Pernille Lind-Hansen
Sofie Seier Helms
Belinda Lange
Associated Senior Consultant
Karin Kell Nielsen
Associated Senior Consultant
Oluf Gøtzsche-Astrup
Associated Senior Consultant
Yvonne Duval Thomsen
Associated Senior Consultant
Christina Schmelling Fæster
Office Coordinator
Ditte Bernth
Project Coordinator
Katrine Vinsløv Nielsen
Annika Paulsson
Support Coordinator
Tanya Dige Nelson
Charlotte Nordbjærg
Accounting Assistant
Christina Mandrup Hansen
Accounting Assistant
Claus Møller Thamdrup
Legal Counsel & GDPR Specialist
Hanne Kjær Vadstrup
Accounting Assistant
Martinne Heckscher
Contract Manager
Frederik Hans Emborg
Office Assistant
Vincent Julius Rizzi
Student Assistant
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