Summit Case studies

Competency development with TEKNIQ

TEKNIQ Arbejdsgiverne is a business organisation that represents the interests of its members and offers courses and further education. TEKNIQ has experienced a developing industry, which requires skilled leaders who are adaptable and flexible. Therefore, TEKNIQ saw an opportunity to strengthen and modernise its nationwide leadership education in collaboration with Summit to offer its members better competence development and advice.

TEKNIQ’s technical advisors and Summit’s consultants have developed industry-specific courses focused on personal leadership based on the participants’ own needs and everyday life. Based on interviews with members and participants in previous courses, Summit tailored new leadership development programmes based on their experiences and feedback. Summit concluded that the new courses should incorporate new technology and learning methods and address specific leadership and organisational challenges.

Together with TEKNIQ, Summit began by identifying precisely what makes leaders in the installation and industrial industries skilled at leading, to have a specific goal to aim for. With a concrete ideal to aim for and the help of training-based teaching, experience sharing active involvement, and practical learning, Summit has not only talked to participants about leadership but trained them in leadership. Summit has helped participants understand how others perceive them as leaders to strengthen their self-awareness, self-reflection, and role awareness. To make the teaching industry-specific, simulated everyday situations were set up, emphasising feedback and collaboration from other participants in the course.

”The collaboration with Summit enables us to offer more and better flexible leadership options. So, we also have the industry's widest range of leadership offerings in the future”
Troels Blicher Danielsen
CEO, TEKNIQ Arbejdsgiverne

This has given participants in the course concrete leadership tools based on their leadership style. It has made them leaders who can motivate and develop their people, adapt to changing market/industry conditions, and move forward while still bringing their people with them. And ultimately, it enables them to achieve the goals and ambitions set by the company.

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