Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is the backbone of our organisation, providing strategic leadership, governance, and financial oversight to ensure our success. Our diverse group of experienced individuals drives our mission forward.

Erik Lorenz Petersen

Chairman of the Board

Erik has a degree in Electrical Engineering from the Danish Technical University supplemented by training at MIT and IMD. He co-founded a management consulting company (Fischer & Lorenz) where he lead the international activities from offices in Brussels and London. Erik divested from the company after 15 years and went on to undertake C-level positions in several large consulting companies focussing on growth, value creation and customer-focussed results. In all these companies, Erik’s main focus has been to create results by leading and motivating top professionals to perform their best at the individual level while mainting a team spirit. After several years at C-level, Erik decided to use the experience gained from orchestrating several mergers and successful acquisitions towards a career as a non-executive professional investor/board member. In this capacity, he has held, and still holds, numerus board level positions. Erik has been chairman of the board of Summit since 2003. 

Tina Ilsted

Tina holds a Master degree in Law & Economics, Exc. Coach and Design thinking certification. She has 25+ years of experience within talent strategy design & execution and over 15 years of highly rated business partnership with international top-management, e.g. The Danish Camper of Commerce, Bavarian Nordic, UCB International.

In 2019, Tina founded her own company, delivering strategically advisory within DEIB and Healthy High performance at e.g. Ørsted, COWI, Ferring Int. and for SMVs. Rooted in a deep business understanding and execution drive, Tina’s strengths lie in the ability to strategically connect the dots between business needs and inclusion of all diverse talents to enable both individual and company growth.


Lotte Svalgaard

Lotte holds a Phd and an MSc in Business Psychology. She is a global leadership development professional with extensive experience within group dynamics, leadership development, and organisational consultancy (in academia as well as in corporate businesses). Lotte is a senior leadership consultant and executive coach at INSEAD; she is a senior partner at Action Lab Aps, and she has her own consultancy.

From 2001-2022, she was an associated professor at the “Master of Psychology in Organisations” at Roskilde University, Denmark. Her primary focus is to spur and encourage passionate and engaged systems and individuals: This passion makes up the platform for her work, her research and her authorships. She is also the author of the book “The Elephant in the Room –facing the unsaid in groups and organisations”. 

Karsten Søderberg

CEO, Summit

Karsten holds a Master of Science in Business Administration and Management Science from CBS. He also holds a long-standing international experience in management, strategy and organisational development at top levels. His primary focus is on enabling leaders and leadership teams to reach the objectives of the strategy. Karsten has held several executive and CEO positions in Brussels, London and Denmark in which he has built a strong expertise in revitalising and re-structuring organisations, always with a focus on growth and business development. He has conducted and worked with international strategy and business development, turnarounds and consultancy/coaching both individually and in teams.

Pernille Mønster

Director, Administration & Support, Summit

Pernille holds an M.Sc. Organisational psychology from Roskilde University from 2005 and has been with the company from the beginning and helped building Summit into the company it is today. She is responsible for the day-to-day running and ongoing development of the company as well. Given her background as Master in Organisational psychology, Pernille also acts as project manager on selected client projects, and she has more than 20 years of experience in the consultancy business. In addition to having served her apprenticeship at Kjaer & Kjerulf where she developed her taste for psychology, Pernille added marketing to her skills, working both in a marketing capacity for Sahva A/S and subsequently as brand manager for Tele2 A/S.