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Data-based personality insights to maximise organisational success

From 360 evaluations, dark side personality or motivational traits to business reasoning, decision making and cognitive skills, Hogan offers assessment solutions that can shed light and accurately predict the performance of your candidates and employees.

Personality and Motivation Assessments

We offer personality assessments that can predict job performance. Through understanding personality and motivation, it’s possible to hire better people. When you have the right people, you reduce turnover. From there, the assessments can be used to evaluate career derailers by identifying and mitigating performance risks that can degrade leadership success, erode relationships, and damage professional reputation. It is possible to identify potential and thereby find and develop your organisation’s next generation of top talent.

When identified, it is possible to drive leadership development by leveraging the strategic self-awareness gained through Hogan’s assessment. Further pairing the assessment with 360-degree data, the underlying characteristics and values that drive behaviours will be revealed.

Cognitive and Business Reasoning Assessments

We offer various cognitive and ability assessments, which can help our clients measure the cognitive abilities of candidates and employees. By assessing cognitive skills and abilities in conjunction with personality assessments, our clients will get a comprehensive picture of how someone is likely to perform in a given role.

We offer three kinds of assessments depending on the specific context and role, which are The Raven’s Advanced Progressive Matrices, The Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory and The Hogan Judgment.

Competency-based Assessments

Mapping assessments to a competency model offers an objective and effective way to ensure strategic recruitment, development, and performance management. We help organisations get an intuitive, competency-based overview of candidates and employees. This provides an instant outline of likely strengths and development areas against selected competencies.

The competency-based approach gives you detailed information about an individual’s natural tendency to succeed in core competencies related to a specific role. The results are based on the Hogan personality assessments and provide insights into innate characteristics not easily observed from interviews, simulations, or other assessments. Competency-based assessments can be done based on Hogan’s Competency Model or your preferred competency model.
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