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Depending on the personality traits or cognitive skills you want to explore in your candidate or employee there are a number of different assessments to take. Common to all Hogan products is that they are based on extensive research and are thoroughly validated.

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Hogan Personality Inventory

The Bright Side – The HPI concerns the bright side of personality — the everyday characteristics that influence a person’s ability to get along with others and achieve career goals. Whether you want to find the right hire or develop stronger leaders, the HPI provides valuable insight into how people work, how they lead, and how successful they will be.

The HPI was developed specifically for the business community. It measures the personality characteristics necessary for success in careers, relationships, education, and life. Whether you’re implementing organisational assessment processes or enhancing executive development, HPI reports can help you identify the fundamental factors that distinguish personalities and determine career success.


Hogan Development Survey

The Dark Side – The HDS explores the dark side of personality — unconscious tendencies that emerge in times of increased strain and can disrupt relationships, damage reputations, and derail peoples’ chances of success. By assessing dark-side personality, you can recognize and mitigate performance risks before they become a problem.

The HDS scales can actually be strengths under normal circumstances. However, when you’re tired, under pressure, or otherwise distracted, these derailers often impede effectiveness and erode the quality of business and personal relationships. The HDS can help mitigate the negative personality characteristics that derail success in careers, relationships, and life.


Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory

The Inside – The MVPI evaluates the inside of personality — the core motives, values, and unconscious biases that determine the kinds of jobs and work environments in which people will succeed. Motives and values define our personal goals and objectives, the life outcomes that we either desire or seek to avoid.

The MVPI allows your organisation to ensure that a new hire’s values are consistent with those of the organisation. The MVPI can also help diagnose areas of compatibility and conflict among team members.

Core values are part of a person’s identity and constitute our key drivers – they are the things we desire and strive to attain. By assessing values, you can understand what motivates candidates to succeed, and in what type of position, job, and environment they will be the most productive.

RAVEN’S Advanced Progressive Matrices

RAVEN’S is a gold-standard, highly-trusted assessment helping organisations identify an individual’s general cognitive ability. It measures the ability to make meaning out of confusion, formulate new concepts and solve problems and tasks when faced with novel, complex information in unfamiliar situations.

This assessment can help predict the ability of job candidates to do new tasks. The RAVEN’S APM item-banked assessment is suitable for assessing applicants at college graduate, supervisory, managerial and executive levels in numerous roles across all industry sectors.


Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory

The HBRI describes reasoning style – the ability to evaluate sets of data, make decisions, solve problems, and avoid repeating past mistakes. By assessing reasoning style, you can identify candidates’ problem-solving style, understand their capacity, and identify areas for development.

The HBRI evaluates two kinds of problems solving:

Tactical and Strategic Reasoning:
Tactical Reasoning: the ability to solve problems and come to sensible conclusions once the facts are known. High scorers tend to be disciplined, steady, and precise; Strategic Reasoning: the ability to detect errors, gaps, and logical flaws in graphs, memos, diagrams, written reports, numerical projections, and tables of data. High scorers tend to be curious and interested in feedback.

Hogan 360

The Hogan 360 is a comprehensive multi-rater feedback tool designed to help career-minded individuals and leaders at any level of an organisation gain a better understanding of how they are perceived by managers, peers, direct peers, direct reports, and others.

Aligned with Hogan’s core assessments, the Hogan 360 uses an easy-to-interpret leadership framework to provide a real-time look at an individual’s attitude, behaviour, and performance. The report offers constructive feedback around leadership expectations and sets priorities for improvement.

Hogan Configure

Hogan Configure leverages three decades of data to create the only competency-based solution that puts Hogan’s predictive power and scientific rigour at your fingertips. The easy-to-use, three-step process allows employers to create, customize and compare candidates in order to determine their key attributes, qualities and skills.

Hogan Judgement

Hogan Judgement is a comprehensive personality-based approach to judgement and decision-making. It is based on 3 components that describe how you learn, how you make decisions, and how you react to feedback.

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