Assessment and Development Centre

Identify and Develop the Right People

The Assessment and Development Centre is where we excel at objectively assessing and developing individuals to help organisations thrive. We combine cutting-edge assessments, including Hogan’s personality insights, with a diverse catalogue of exercises designed to match your unique competency requirements. With our comprehensive approach, we provide a holistic view of each individual’s performance and potential, while minimizing biases and increasing fairness. This allows you to make the best possible decision on whether someone is suitable for a particular role.

Assessment Expertise

Our assessment and development processes are meticulously designed, utilizing a combination of proven methods to evaluate the competencies crucial for success in your organisation. Our methods include:

Hogan's Personality Assessments

Leveraging personality insights to gain valuable insights into an individual’s approach and future performance

Cognitive Assessments

Measuring cognitive abilities and critical thinking skills to assess problem-solving capabilities

Scenario Case Exercises

Evaluating how individuals handle real-life work scenarios and manage tasks

Business & Analytical Case Exercises

Assessing strategic thinking, decision-making, and analytical skills in a simulated business environment

Competency-Based Interviews

Conduct structured interviews to gauge specific competencies and behaviours

Hogan 360

Leadership feedback on how you are perceived by managers, peers, direct peers and others

People Management Exercises

Evaluating leadership potential and the ability to effectively manage and motivate others

The Power of Assessment and Development

Our Assessment and Development Centre goes beyond traditional personality assessments. By incorporating multiple sources of evidence, such as cases, 360-degree feedback, and performance data, we provide a comprehensive evaluation of an individual’s capabilities. Our consultants, who have extensive experience across various organisations, bring an extra benchmark to the assessment process, reducing biases and ensuring a fair evaluation.

Our work is based around collaboration, where we immerse ourselves in the clients’ way of working, DNA and company culture in order to incorporate all insights into a tailored approach and programme for each client.

Maximizing Impact

Our solutions are not just for selection but also development. We offer valuable insights and recommendations for both the organisation and the individuals being assessed. The outcome of the assessment day can be utilized in multiple ways:

Selection and Onboarding

The company receives an executive summary of key strengths and key development areas. Onboarding plans are developed to support successful transitions into new roles.

Development Planning

The assessment outcomes serve as input for individual development plans. By focusing on one or two key development areas, we ensure targeted growth and avoid overwhelming individuals.

Coaching and Support

We offer coaching sessions to help individuals anchor their learnings, leverage their strengths, and address development areas. This ongoing support sets them up for success and ensures a sustainable fit within their roles.
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