Certification and training

As authorised Hogan distributor we offer a variety of certification and training options for you

We facilitate face-to-face and virtual certification workshops in Hogan Assessments and a variety of other training workshops to support upskilling. Workshop certification and training are available throughout the year in English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Dutch.

Access our workshop calendar to view our open workshops.

Workshops and Events

Equip yourself to leverage Hogan’s powerful assessment tools at our certification and training workshops

Hogan Certification Workshop

Want to be certified in the most scientifically valid assessment solution in the world?

Hogan Advanced Interpretation Workshop

Are you already Hogan Certified but want to further hone your interpretation skills? We have you covered.

Hogan Learning Lab

Hogan Learning Lab is a unique forum for Hogan users to expand their knowledge of Hogan.

Hogan Team Discovery Workshop

Learn to use your Hogan Certification to create stronger and effective teams.

Follow-Up Workshop

The Hogan Assessment Follow-up Workshop is a one-day workshop that follows up on the teaching from the certification workshop using three Hogan inventories (Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI), Hogan Development Survey (HDS), Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI)).

The Follow-up Workshop focuses on the participants’ own cases and experiences with interpreting and giving feedback for their test person(s) and provides additional insights about: best practices in giving feedback, exchange of experiences with giving Hogan feedbacks, interview techniques for validation of Hogan results, the impact of own profile when giving Hogan feedback, feedback exercises, and how to handle difficult feedbacks.

Brush up workshop

Brush up on your Hogan Certification

We offer previously certified Hogan users an update (brush-up), by means of participation during the first 2 days of an open certification workshop.

This is offered at a very reduced cost. Find dates for the next Hogan Certification Workshop in our workshop calendar and let our Support Team know that you would like to participate as brush-up.

We look forward to seeing you at the Brush-Up Workshop!

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Workshops and Events

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