Hogan Learning Lab

A knowledge sharing forum for Hogan users

Hogan Learning Lab is a unique forum for Hogan users to expand their knowledge of Hogan, share and discuss topics related to interpretation, feedback and analysis – and find solutions and inspiration within a confidential and supportive environment.

It is more than a networking session or a presentation – each Learning Lab session is facilitated by a senior consultant from Summit to ensure a structured discussion of relevant cases and focused on achieving insight about interpretation and use of Hogan Assessments.

What are the benefits?

Everyone benefits from being part of the discussion and the Hogan user network. Participants will have the opportunity to:

Finetune and strengthen interpretation skills

Get tips for preparation before a feedback session

Improve feedback methodology
Continue their Hogan learning journey
Get professional sparring
Leadership Development and Hogan Assessment

Potential themes for a session:

Who is it for?

HR professionals, certified in Hogan Assessments, working in a diverse range of sectors.

How does it work?

Meetings in the Hogan Learning Lab are held quarterly in Copenhagen in Denmark. There are limited seats available at each meeting and seats are reserved on a first come, first served basis. A session lasts 3 hours.

The meeting starts with an informal coffee and croissant.

With direction from a facilitator, the session is led from in a case-based approach and method where we explore present themes in depth, give feedback and make suggestions. It is a dialogical process that we create together, and the session concludes with a summary of the learnings from the discussion.

Before each meeting the participants send anonymised Flash reports that they would like to use for the discussions with the group. Please note that all cases not necessary will be discussed thoroughly as this will depend on the number of participants and the course of the day.

All discussions are strictly confidential, and flash reports and cases will be anonymised.

Workshops and Events

How can I join the workshops?