Hogan Advanced Interpretation Workshop

Ready to take your Hogan skills to the next level?

Are you already Hogan Certified but want to further hone your interpretation skills? Hogan Advanced Interpretation is a one-day workshop for experienced Hogan users who are fully versed in configurational interpretations and seek to expand their theoretical Hogan knowledge and practice complex interpretation level.

What are the benefits?

Participants benefit from gaining extensive expertise in intepreting the results of Hogan’s personality assessments and will have the opportunity to:

Learn a more advanced process for interpretation

Skilfully interpret assessment themes in contexts

Become exposed to complex Hogan profiles

Fully integrate and individualise Hogan data

Get professional sparring

Who is it for?

Advanced Interpretation is a workshop for HR professionals and others who are already certified in Hogan Assessment and have gained solid interpretation experience but seek to strengthen and advance their interpretation skills.

How does it work?

The workshop enhances each participant’s advanced interpretive skills through e-learning modules, presentations, case studies, and guided facilitation from a professional.

Participants will recap on their previous Hogan theoretical knowledge and get back on track on interpretation. Furthermore, they will practice detailed and nuanced interpretation and analysis of assessment results.

Successful demonstration of data interpretation will lead to documented certification on Hogan Advanced Interpretation.

All discussions are strictly confidential, and flash reports and cases will be anonymised.

Workshops and Events

How can I join the workshops?