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Successful leadership development based on your company's strategy

Leadership is something you do. In addition, leadership is always about people – about the ability to achieve a common goal together. It also means that regardless of whether the goal is to ensure a stable and efficient operation, set direction and realise strategic goals, implement changes and achieve companionship, prevent stress and ensure well-being, or something else that is absolutely crucial for a company or organisation to solve the core task effectively and achieve the set goals – the person who conducts the leadership, is his/her own primary tool.

Our leadership development strengthens self-insight, self-reflection and role awareness

Successful leadership development is based on your company’s strategy – and basically it is about strengthening the leader’s ability to realise the goals and ambitions set by the company. Our leadership development is always tailored to the individual organisation, so that the development of leadership competencies is linked to the strategic, organisational and managerial challenges and opportunities.

Whether you need assistance in developing parts of the organisation’s management layers or strengthening selected leadership skills, in collaboration with us, you will experience effective development of the management, the team and/or the organisation as a whole. Whether it is for pre-management talent in the state administration or an experienced director in a multinational production company – we develop leaders at all levels and in all industries.


Our deep business psychological expertise enables us to get close to the individual leader and work with concrete behavioural changes that contribute to the creation of results in the organisation. We create the trust and security that gives us the opportunity to talk about what is difficult. No matter how much you know and can say about leadership, it does not move anything if you are not able to do and operate it effectively in a busy everyday life – and it requires that you know and take your personal strengths, challenges, values and assumptions about leadership seriously. Here we use Hogan Assessments, which is one of the world’s most recognised and used tests for assessment and development of leaders and future leaders, as it is based on more than 4 decades of research into the influence of personality on organisational success.

Strategic Leadership

Strategic leadership is a fundamental management discipline that is about being able to navigate your organisation safely into the future. It requires that the leader is able to identify the organisation’s potential, set up the vision, set the strategy and formulate realistic goals, as well as communicate and anchor the strategy in a way that brings the entire organisation on the journey.

It is valuable for the organisation to train and develop management’s ability for strategic thinking and action, because as a leader it is crucial to be able to communicate the overall vision and mission as well as unfold and execute the strategy for how you as a unit, department and organisation reach the goal of your ambition.

At Summit, we help organisations and managements with strategy development and implementation as well as meeting the strategic ambitions/objectives by developing leaders, management and organisations through sparring, coaching and personal development. When we work with strategic leadership, we help leaders make their organisation capable of what they want to do.

Strategic leadership can both be one of many leadership competencies that we work with in major development processes, and it can be the focal point of a specific process that aims to strengthen your organisation’s ability to realise your strategic ambition.

Family Business

There are no typical family-owned or owner-managed companies. They can be big or small – and different types of companies. They can be first, second, third or seventh generation. Different phases and ownership dynamics present different challenges to be addressed and different opportunities to unfold.

We have several years of experience in developing and supporting management and managers in family-owned and owner-managed businesses on both the personal and organisational level. We tailor processes and programmes in respect to the individual company’s and family’s situation and focus on what specifically is needed to strengthen the management’s and family’s competencies in relation to strategy and getting results. When we work with the development of leadership and ownership in family-owned and owner-managed businesses, our focus is on both the professional managerial development of the company and on the professional development of the family.

Change Management

Change happens all the time, and it’s happening faster than ever before. Both in the form of planned and unplanned changes as well as developments and adaptations to a continuous and changeable outside world. But one thing does not change: change processes always aim to improve value and result.

We have experience in developing and facilitating development processes, where we ensure that leaders and other key people get the necessary tools to lead and drive change processes, self-insight into their role as a change manager and are able to formulate and implement concrete plans for the change project that is under way or they are about to initiate.

It is about ensuring the organisation’s ability to create business results now and in the long run, while maintaining employee motivation and well-being.

Leading and Handling Negative Stress

As a leader, you have both a management responsibility and a great opportunity to manage and prevent negative stress among your employees. It requires good leadership qualities and places great demands on both your personnel management and your ability to handle any conflicts and disagreements in the unit for which you are the leader. In other words, it is the leader’s ability to prioritise and navigate these tumultuous waters that will determine the organisation’s ability to effectively realise its strategic ambition.

We can assist your organisation on several levels: we provide sparring to top management in order to ensure the best framework for well-being and result creation, as well as managerial workshops where leaders are trained in preventing and managing their own and others’ stress.

We also conduct courses for HR with a focus on developing the internal competencies to assist the organisation in preventing stress, and we facilitate thematic meetings where employees discuss and test methods to handle their own work pressure as well as for collegial help and sparring.

Distance Management

Distance management is characterised by situations where you as a leader do not have your daily routine among your employees. The leadership task is still the same, but it is challenged, as you as a leader are far away from operations or have many employees/units distributed in different locations. Here, concepts such as trust, self-management and communication are crucial aspects. It is therefore crucial to ask yourself: How will I exercise present leadership when my focus is on several units? How will I find the right kind of management and control?

This is especially true in relation to the hybrid working life, where you switch between working at home and at the office. This places additional demands on the leader, who, among other things, must pay attention to including everyone in the daily work and in the community.

Whether you are a distance manager yourself or are the manager of many distance managers, you will benefit greatly from developing distance management capabilities in your company or organisation. We ensure that you gain the necessary knowledge of the distance management discipline so that you yourself will be able to guide and supervise distance managers in your unit. In addition, as a leader, you will get a new tool in your leadership repertoire that you will be able to use to improve your own leadership practice.

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