Executive Coaching

Focus on your management and enhance your performance

Executive coaching is a personal and focused professional discussion that enables you to realise your potential, focus your management and enhance your performance. This means that the coaching process helps and inspires you to reflect on your own experiences as a point of departure for exploring opportunities for action about problems and challenges in your working life. Summit has several experienced coaches with an educational background in business psychology, and extensive experience in coaching managers and employees from both public and private organisations.

Benefits of coaching

We adapt the coaching process to your needs

As a general rule, executive coaching consists of a series of “one-on-one” meetings between you and a coach from Summit. Coaching can also be combined with, for example, a Hogan assessment, observations about the organisation, 360-degree tests and anchoring talks with your manager. The result of coaching is personal and leadership development based on your specific strengths, challenges, opportunities and needs. A coaching process can, for example, be based on:

Boosting your impact and communication skills
Enabling you to help employees be more motivated and perform better
Adding targeted tools and skills that reinforce your role as a manager
Identifying and recognising personal development needs

We deliver quality

Every time we start a new coaching process with a client, we adapt to their specific needs and draw on our significant experience from previous processes in major private and public organisations. The quality of Summit’s coaching is therefore built on a high level of expertise in psychology and an experience-based approach.

Summit offers managers a conversation partner who excels in being their loyal challenger. I chose a number of conversation rooms over a long period of time. They have given me some important stop-up points on a busy day. They do much more than help me refuel; rather, it is about building one’s self-leadership skills that grow stronger and stronger. Well-known phenomena such as powerlessness, pangs of conscience and doubts turn into natural ‘clothing’, and you learn how they can promote – rather than prevent – action.”

Benedikte Lohfert

HR manager at Herning Municipality
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