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Create strong and effective teams

A lot of teams have to navigate complex organisations and do so with complicated tasks. The team’s tasks – and challenges – can vary over time, team members are replaced, and the team must also pay ongoing attention to their own team culture and form of cooperation. A high-functioning team is crucial to the results, and to the employees’ commitment and motivation to work together towards common goals.

Team development with Summit creates strong and effective management teams, where skills, strengths, values and division of responsibilities match the organisation’s strategy.

create strong business results

Fulfil team missions and create strong business results

We help teams to achieve their full potential and to gain strategic self and team insight, so they actively master their team dynamics and know how to navigate the team and its members. All purposefully aimed at helping them fulfil their team mission and create strong business results.

Develop coherent and resilient teams that are getting along and getting ahead

The dynamics that occur in all teams are a combination of the functional and the psychological part of the team. The functional – being the formal roles, responsibilities and job-related functional experience, and the psychological – being personality at the best, personality at the worst, and values and drivers that are active in the team.

Our focus is to work with the psychological dimension of team dynamics; the bright side, the dark side and the inside of the team. We help teams to create a strong psychological foundation and to create a shared team language, that enables teams to navigate often complex team dynamics. The goal is to develop coherent and resilient teams that are getting along and getting ahead.

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