Organisational Development

More efficiency in the organisation comes from good management

Today, competition often places great demands on the organisation’s efficiency. All parameters come into play when streamlining. It is therefore also crucial to ensure consistency between what the management wants and what the organisation can do, in order to cope with the increased competition. Organisational development, therefore, starts from the top but requires a great deal of effort from the entire organisation.

result-producing organisational development

Experience with organisational development that delivers results

With a wide range of organisational development solutions, our starting point is our years of experience in specific tasks, including:

Assistance in strategic change processes, including mergers
Development of the management and employee base
Facilitation of strategy processes, including both strategy development and implementation
Organisational analysis and design
Cultural development processes
Hogan assessment

Corporate Analytics

Exploit the treasure trove of existing data to improve talent management processes, increase performance and assess your likelihood of success in the future.

Hogan Corporate Analytics is the key to leveraging your existing Hogan data to map the company’s corporate culture and turn potential blind spots into actionable insights for increased competitiveness and performance.

Questions that can be addressed by Hogan Corporate Analytics can be:

Every time you use Hogan Assessments, you create valuable information about the company

Hogan Corporate Analytics is an analytical consulting service that:​

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