The Importance of Values

Values influence organizational effectiveness. Learn about the importance of values and how organizational values promote success.

Culture Matters

Do different types of leaders emerge in different markets? How do personality and culture impact cross-border business?

The Psychology of Humility

Humility is a dimension of personality that is essential to understanding leadership performance. Here’s why.

How to Lead a Creative Team

Not everyone has the skills needed to lead a creative team. Find out which five are most necessary for leading creative teams effectively.

Vad ska man göra med ett underpresterande team?

Ett annat ledningsmöte har just avslutats, och du sitter kvar med en känsla av frustration. Trots alla ansträngningar, planering och diskussioner, verkar det som om ditt team inte lever upp till förväntningarna.

What To Do With an Underperforming Team?

Another leadership team meeting is over, and once again, nothing useful came out of it. And it’s likely that the next time won’t be any different. So, what should be done when the results are lacking, and the team is underperforming?

How Change Fatigue Derails Teams

How can teams mitigate the risk of change fatigue and team derailment? And what can leaders do if their team has already derailed?

Maximizing Team Potential

Team building isn’t as easy as it may seem. Tune in to learn how personality affects teams and how to maximize team potential at work.

Product Focus: Team Report

There’s little sense in developing individuals if they don’t come together to make an effective team. Summit and Hogan’s unique approach to team development examines the goals of the team and identifies how the different personalities within the team can help or hinder achieving them.

Leveraging Values to Keep Individuals and Teams Engaged

The world of work, and our individual and collective place in it, has been continually shifting over the past hundred years. But with the current unprecedented global disruption, these shifts have become dramatic and jarring, seemingly redefining weekly what it means to work. Employee motivation has been thrust into the spotlight, and for good reason…

What’s the Difference Between Groups and Teams?

What is a team, and what is a group? The difference between teams and groups lies in how the group or team members pursue goals. Here’s how you can differentiate between groupwork and teamwork.

Unleashing Potential: The Power of an Assessment and Development Centre

In today’s competitive business landscape, selecting the right talent and nurturing their potential is crucial for the success of any organisation. To ensure an objective and comprehensive assessment of candidates, our Assessment and Development Centre combines Hogan’s assessments with a wide range of exercises tailored to match the required competencies. Here we highlight the key features and benefits of our Centre, as discussed in an interview with our expert consultants.

Making a Difference: The Impact of Cykelnerven

We are delighted to share that we are sponsoring Cykelnerven, a charity bike ride in Denmark that aims to raise funds for research into multiple sclerosis. It is an honour to support such a worthy cause and make a contribution that helps fund the research. The money raised through Cykelnerven goes towards research into finding […]

What the Dark Triad Misses

The Dark Triad refers to narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy. But those aren’t all the dark-side personality characteristics. What are the others?

AI in Psychology

You can’t avoid AI in psychology, coaching, or consulting, but you can learn to partner with it. Find out how.

What is leadership?

Famed management consultant Peter Drucker, PhD, once described leadership as being about followership. This may sound redundant, but from our perspective, there’s much more to it. At Hogan, we’ve been studying leadership for decades. In fact, we’re an international authority in the subject—specifically in the relationship between leadership, personality, and job performance. But we realize […]

Which Personality Traits Characterise a Leader in the Nordic Region?

It has been speculated about for years what kind of differences there are between leaders from different countries and cultures. Are there even differences based on regions or are the differences based on something else? We have analysed Hogan Assessments data from more than 7,000 leaders from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland against the global […]

Our New Name: Summit

As of January 1, 2023, we are operating under a new name, finalising the merger of Summit Consulting A/S and A&D Resources A/S.

The 2022 Derailers of the Year

From Will Smith to Elon Musk, the year saw big events, big personalities—and big derailers. Welcome to the 2022 derailers of the year.

The Future of Personality Assessment

Measuring personality is complex. How can we retain what is valuable in traditional methods of personality assessment while leveraging the technology of the future, such as AI and machine learning?

How to Grow Employee Engagement

Wondering how to grow employee engagement? Using personality tests can ensure that your company’s employee engagement initiatives are successful.

Using Personality Tests in Interviews: The Ticket to Hiring Success

Never underestimate a sound talent acquisition strategy. When organizations commit to using personality tests in interviews, they find candidates who fit seamlessly into their roles. And the candidates who discover a perfect synergy between their personalities and roles? They end up making magic on the job. 

Key Steps to Choosing, Developing and Retaining the Right Talent

A position has just opened in the company. Either someone left the company, or a new position has been created internally. You need to figure out who to choose, how to develop them and enhance the chance of them staying in the new role for a longer period to avoid a quick turnover.