Which Personality Traits Characterise a Leader in the Nordic Region?

It has been speculated about for years what kind of differences there are between leaders from different countries and cultures. Are there even differences based on regions or are the differences based on something else? We have analysed Hogan Assessments data from more than 7,000 leaders from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland against the global […]

Our New Name: Summit

As of January 1, 2023, we are operating under a new name, finalising the merger of Summit Consulting A/S and A&D Resources A/S.

The 2022 Derailers of the Year

From Will Smith to Elon Musk, the year saw big events, big personalities—and big derailers. Welcome to the 2022 derailers of the year.

The Future of Personality Assessment

Measuring personality is complex. How can we retain what is valuable in traditional methods of personality assessment while leveraging the technology of the future, such as AI and machine learning?